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Things you should know about your car radiator

When it comes to car parts, many people tend to don't care to much or don't want to know anything because they can easily drive their car to a mechanic and pay a little fortune for the things they could have done or prevented.

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One of the most important parts of your car, that many don't know exists, is the car radiator. The main and first thing you can do is to check if the cap is tight and if it is screwed correctly, because if not the cooling fluid's pressure may fall down which can cause the system to don't work quite well. Check also the radiator fluid while you are already there, see if there is enough of it, and if not then buy and add some. If you still don't get the performance you want and your engine is getting overheated than consider changing the heat exchanger. You can do it by your own but if you are not that of a mechanical person then bring it to a mechanic but consider changing the material of the heat exchanger because other, newer, materials like aluminum with plastic parts, give much better results and are used more lately.

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The last thing you should consider checking on your car radiator is dirt, it gets easily there and it can cause bigger problems than any of the above. You can easily see if anything is there - dead insects, dirt, leaves, stones and other things that may stop the air flow. If there is nothing than just clean it with a rag. You can also take the cap of and see if the fluid is clean, in case it is brown than something is wrong and you should bring it to your mechanic, because the heat exchanger may be damaged. Make sure to do all this while your car is cold, because the pressure changes with heat and taking then the cap of could get pretty messy.

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