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Ways to customize your car

When you buy a new car, you do not want to see the smallest scratch covering its chassis. However, when your vehicle is older than any relationship you ever had, you feel the need to alter its appearance and renew its looks. There are many ways to customize a road speedster, but few will attract the interest of the hot escorts that pass you in the street. Here are a few accessories that will enhance your car’s appeal without making you look like a complete jerk:

Spread your wings

For most kids, the most impressive feature of a car is represented by its aero upgrades or “wings” placed at the back of the car. The children do not know exactly what these plastic tiles do, but they give the impression of a fast car driven by a cool driver. As they grow up, they realize that these wings are only useful on high-speed tracks, where they improve the car’s aerodynamics and help it run faster. The upgrades are still an eye-catcher, but if you are trying to impress your escort from EROS with a quick ride, the wings will not help you too much. This is because the city roads do not allow you to reach a speed at which the wings become active.

Raise the wheels

Depending on the model that you drive, you can increase the height of your car by switching to taller tires. Approach an experienced mechanic to perform this modification. It might set your budget back with a few thousand bucks, but you will have a unique speedster that is guaranteed to turn some heads. Take your favorite escort for a ride as soon as you raise the wheels of your car. Everybody knows that these hot girls love big things and they will be head over heels about your latest innovation.

Push the pedal to the floor

One of the tiniest customization jobs that you can do on your car is changing its pedals. Every model comes with factory-based pedals that have nothing special about them. Replace these old, boring plates with sports pedals to add a bit of charm to the steering wheel. They might not be immediately visible to your escorts, but as soon as they notice them, these hard-to-impress beautiful girls will surely appreciate your adventurous style.

Add class to your seats

If you have finally obtained a date with that hot escort from your neighborhood, you have to make sure that she will get the best possible treatment. Start with the car you are going to pick her up and enhance its elegance by changing the upholstery of the seats. Replace the old plastic covers with some beautiful leather to impress her from the very first minutes of your date.

Drive your escorts in an ad mobile

It might sound crazy, but what if you could make money just by driving hot escorts around town, without being a taxi driver. The big companies offer good money if they can advertise on people’s cars, with the owner’s approval, of course. Ask for an offer from the largest enterprises in your town and then plaster their ads over the hood of your speedster. It might not look pretty, but it will at least pay for the gas.

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